Not another Socl network?!

Microsoft have announced the launch of their very own social network – It seems another big player believes it can challenge Facebook.

Surprisingly, the IT giant kept it all pretty low key.

According to Microsoft, Socl is all about sharing information, such as websites and articles. Users can type in the topic they are interested in into a search bar, which in turn will bring up a list of material on that subject. By sharing your findings, users can prompt discussions with other friends on Socl while strangers with similar interests can also join in. You can even create a ‘Video Party’. *Yawn, yawn, yawn*

Excuse us for not showing too much excitement but after the anticlimax that was Google+, we’re going to give it a test drive for a few weeks before passing judgement. Hard not to think you’ve heard it all before.

On first looks however, we don’t think Zuck will be losing any sleep.

Stay tuned for our thoughts soon…



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