Watch the tumbleweed go past – some apps are never seen

An interesting piece of news today from mobile analytics company adeven, claims that around 400,000 apps have no visibility on the App Store. That is around 60% of applications that languish unloved and untouched. Even the “I am Rich” app which cost £999.99 for a simple icon in the corner of the screen managed to be downloaded eight times (I bet by Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Monseur on their four iPhones each)

We are lucky (and good at what we do) at MUSTARD PR to have worked with lots of app companies that have been downloaded by thousands of users. But the sheer amount of similar apps out there must make it difficult to know what to download. There are
apparently almost two thousand flashlight applications alone, but how many users will look through all of them when they all do the same thing? This is the problem. There might be some truely brilliant apps out there that haven’t seen the light of day yet.
Also developers might have spent a lot of money on researching and developing their app, with no results.

The way that people download apps through iTunes is generally by looking at the top twenty five charts or by ratings. If other people are downloading the app and rating it highly then it will gain the trust of the user who will try it out, but how do you get to the top of the app charts without the huge budgets that the likes of Angry Birds? Maybe we should give these smaller apps a chance to prove themselves, do something different. Perhaps Apple could have a category for “Indie” apps.

One thing that it does show though, is how vital the role of PR in helping developers get their hard work recognised.



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