Top Tech of the Week

Happy New Year!

2013 has started with a bang! Take a look at our top tech stories this week:

1. Samsung still the leading US device manufacturer
The latest OEM (original equipment manufacturer) figures have been released which show market leaders Samsung extend their superiority. The South Korean giant have gained a 1.2% increase (25.7%-26.9%) since August 2012, with rivals Apple breathing down their necks with a 1.4% increase taking their dominance up to 18.5%. Other mobile manufacturers including LG, Motorola and HTC continue to loose market share. The same evidence is clear regarding the platform space: Google take the lead courtesy of Android, Apple following up in second with iOS, but roles are slightly reversed as Android has grown more than iOS recently. Again RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian make a loss to the market share.



2. Record setting messages sent on communications giant Whatsapp
On the final day of 2012 instant messaging business Whatsapp announced that it had set a new single day record for the most messages published. The app recorded 18 billion total messages, exceeding its previous record set last August. The app, which sees themselves as a direct replacement for SMS said there were 7 billion messages delivered inbound while 11 billion were outbound, this is the difference between group chat and single messages.

A few months ago, the company made a major step forward in attracting more users to its service, sharing that it had signed its first carrier roaming deal with Hong Kong operator Three to offer unlimited use of its app domestically and in 78 other countries for little cost.

3. Facebook launches new voice messages to their Android and iOS apps
Heading onwards and upwards social network leader Facebook has now introduced voice communication to their messaging apps. The new service allows users to send up to one-minute voice recorded message to friends and family.
Facebook doesn’t see adding voice messaging to its app as a thing of the past, but more to help communication between contacts. The advancement to the app will make it more appealable to drivers as its hands-free and complies with the law. Also the addition will help to target the percentage of people who may not have sufficient data plans and use voice messaging through third party apps, such as WhatsApp or Voxer. This may seem unnecessary however it just helps add to a more perfectly rounded app, which Facebook is becoming.


4. Mobile game Angry Birds reaches 30 million downloads over the Christmas period
The growth of the game is remarkable, after surpassing 1 billion users recorded in May and 500 million added in 6 months, not to mention the news launched that a film was to be released, the year 2012 couldn’t have gone much better for Rovio, producers of Angry Birds. But it has, the company announced that it accumulated 30 million downloads over the Christmas period with 8 million alone of those on Christmas Day.

The organisation still sees 200 million monthly users which considering the app was first launched back in 2009 is amazing. This has been helped from updated versions to the app which has including linking up with movie sensation Star Wars.
With the popular demand of smartphones and tablets alike, we cant see the app sliding in terms of downloads for the foreseeable future.


5. 500 Startups invests into NYC for co-working space
The large funding group 500 Startups has made a drastic move into the east coast, which was a well know region not in their interest. However with the increase in staff numbers and moves globally, moving across to New York now seems right and the company have secured 35 investments in the Big Apple.

The office space that has been secured by the organisation is said to be for its own portfolio companies. But a spokesperson from 500 Startups said, “they will have room for other startups in the community.” Many startups, which are associated with the investment organisation are either bootstrapped, seed/angel funded, or series A funded, and will be able to reserve anywhere between 1 and 15 desks within the major city, at a cool cost of $500 per desk. However Shai Goldman has announced that 20 seats will be available for outside companies.



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