Top Tech of the Week – From CES

This weeks Top 5 Tech of the week focuses on all things CES, the biggest consumer tech event of the year:

1. Japanese Technology Group Sony unveils the first 4K OLED monitor
The biggest news at the start of the week came from global technology giants Sony. They announced they would be bringing Ultra High-Definition in the format of 4K available to LCD TV screens, camcorders and cinema screens.

The companies’ talk at CES also captured a lot of attention when they revealed a 56” 4K OLED prototype monitor. The set offers a native 3,840 x 2,160 OLED panel and Sony is the first organisation to manufacture a product of this nature.

Sony insists the prototype “delivers all of the features expected from OLED TV’s, such as high contrast, brightness, rapid video image response time and rich imaged produces even at wide viewing angles.” Although embarrassingly when the monitor was fired up at the event in Las Vegas it failed to produce as it came up with a blank blue screen.
Sony 4K

2. 4th Generation Intel Ultrabooks here by 2013, and they’re touchscreen
This week at CES Intel announced that it would be launching a new version of its Ultrabook and that it would be ready for the end of 2013. The latest version will feature an all-new touchscreen feature and the company have promised that the battery life will last all day. The launch has caused further interest as it was announced that it would retail for as little as $599, implying a lower-priced PC market.

The Ultrabooks appear to be invading a sector, which many would say is reserved for tablets and look likely to disrupt the market, which involved the Windows 8-based tablet, this could see tension brew between the two companies.

As if this wasn’t enough, Intel also intend to produce a version with a detachable keyboard, allowing its customers to convert their laptop to a tablet format for “on the go” use, however this will come at a price stating they will retail at around $799 and $899.

Intel Ultrabook

3. Pebble, the watch that integrates with your smartphone announces its in mass production

Pebble announced at CES that it now has a shipping date for the proposed 85,000 sold watches and that Kickstarter backers will be sent them on 23/01/13. Eric Migicovsky CEO of Pebble estimates that it will take 6-8 weeks for the initial orders to be distributed at a whopping rate of 15,000 products per week.

Pebble smart watches have become such a hot topic since receiving £10 million backing from investors back in 2012. The watch comes with a Sharp display, which allows users to integrate with their smartphones both Android and iOS through a variety of different avenues including incoming calls, social media updates, pace trackers and of course telling the time.

The products had planned to be shipped in September of 2012 but after receiving such intense interest the release date had to be postponed as they had only predicted to sell 5,000.

Haven’t heard of Pebble before, check this out:


4. Samsung allows users to watch multiple programmes at once, depending on your view

South Korean tech giants Samsung have launched a duel-view prototype monitor, which allows two people to perceive a different image depending on the way they are facing the television.

As many people have said, what’s the point? Well everyone has that one television which is seen as the best and it has to be battled out as to who will get to watch their programme on it. Now the fighting can end as the new monitor allows both parties to view separate shows on one monitor, which has mentioned by many tech enthusiast would work perfectly in the gaming community.

There is however the case that users have to wear glasses similar to those worn for 3D monitors as well as headphones so that they can differentiate the programmes being shown and a button on top of the glasses allows you to toggle between shows.

All in all the idea of this monitor make come across to some people as unnecessary, however if Samsung were to follow up the prototype and create a real product I’m sure it is something which could sell.

Samsung Duel-View 2

5. New Android game controller released by Nvidia
Our final CES product is a new investment to the gaming community. Nvidia a graphic-card and mobile-processor manufacturer shocked viewers at the technology even by unveiling a powerful Android game controller the Tegra 4.
The control comes with a 5” retina display that folds up which allows the gadget to become portable and also connects with television sets via Wi-Fi or HDMI. The wireless capability allows the product to connect with Android ecosystem and Google Play store and can even access PC games from a computer on the network, then relay the gameplay to a TV.
The controller is battery powered and includes a reflex speaker and ports for HDMI and USB. Unfortunately Nvidia have yet to set a price or release date for the product, as there are still minor tweaks which adjusting for prime time sales.
The concept aims to take mobile gaming to the next level and generated a lot of success at the event, although now we will have to wait and see how it perform on a release date.

Project Shield



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