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Back to basics, MUSTARD bringing you the top tech news of the week, keeping you up to date.

1. It’s back and looking better than ever, MySpace reveals its new design

It was announced earlier this week that the former social media leader MySpace was to re-launch with a fresh new look which would not include all the chaotic user profiles and tons of spam accounts, which it was so infamously remembered for.

The new model incorporates many of the trends in modern web design including big visuals, responsive design and easy discovery. Although the main focus of the organisation is still to connect through music, which so far has received very good responses.

Although the site may have had some hard times, it is still a well-established brand and its integration with music helps to separate it from your traditional social networks, this we can tell you has not changed. The site still intends to be a music service and cleverly mixes a Spotify-like player with elements of Facebook and Pinterest.

It is still speculated that the site intends to incorporate television to help it succeed and with the backing of music and movie start Justin Timberlake this could be a route they may venture down.

We think the new interface looks great and a much better version to the previous edition, however we still don’t believe it has the driving power to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.


2. 4G not proving to be the success that was predicted

After all the hype that surrounded EE and there innovative push to offer customers 4G internet speeds, it now seems that it did not have the impact which they would have aimed for. Research commissioned by Virgin Media Business showed that nine out of ten people who own a mobile phone in the UK wouldn’t change their provider based on the benefits of 4G.

The key-contributing factor was that the service costs too much, as 61% of respondents highlighted this as the main reason for them not switching to a network offering 4G connectivity. Other reasons included concern for reliability of existing data and network coverage in their local areas.

We are told that seven different companies will bid against each other at the end of this month to secure the largest amount of mobile data bandwidth, including EE (Orange and T-Mobile), Vodafone, O2 and Three. If large competitor is to capture the services of 4G, then this will with any luck drive down the cost of the tariffs on these networks.

We will keep you up to date on who secures the data, which will be released later this month.


3. Facebook further enhances its communication

It’s an organisation that never stops growing, from location “check ins” to video calling Facebook seems to have it all covered. Well now the social media sensation is set to launch a FREE calling enhancement to their iOS app for US customers.

The user simply needs to open their messaging feature and click on the “i” which will allow them to contact any other Facebook users who also has the feature upgraded on their device. The new trait is unable to call users who are accessing Facebook via their computers or call landlines. However it is predicted to become a huge hit, especially with those who are looking to tighten their belts after an expensive Christmas period, as it will avoid carrier call charges.

There is no need to worry if you are not from the US or an android user, as plans to make the upgrade available to everyone are already believe to be underway.

Facebook Calling

4. Google emphasising its global label

Earlier this week Internet giant Google introduced its ever-popular Google+ iPhone and iPad apps to 48 new countries and territories across the globe. The countries included (which you can see at the bottom of this post) only make up a slight fraction of the Google+ community, however the move still proves the intention to make the service global and mobile.

The app currently supports up to 40 different languages, meaning all regions should be covered. Although this is not a guarantee, so Google have taken it upon them to also include a number of new languages to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

Since December 12, Google+ have introduced a number of updates over multiple platforms, which has become a huge success. The introductions have seen the service register over 500 million users and 235 million active users. The service can only grow right?


5. Netflix vs Lovefilm

With the news this week that Blockbuster had gone into administration, it clearly showed that online is now the place to be. Although it is a shame, it comes as no real surprise as organisations such as Netflix and Lovefilm have taken over the rental entertainment market. But which one of them is really in the driving seat?

It has been a debate for quite a while, but new data may help you decide which one is right for you. Netflix UK offers nearly twice the amount of TV seasons as Lovefilm in the UK, however the Amazon run streaming site dominates the market in terms of movies, data from Oric shows.

Netflix UK has 2,593 titles split between, 1,668 films and 925 TV shows. Where as their competitors Lovefilm offers a larger selection with 3,284 full-length movies but only 589 TV seasons.

In conclusion, it all comes down to personal preference. Are you into hardcore two-hour film sessions, or get hooked onto episode after episode of television series?

Netflix vs Lovefilm



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