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BBC iPlayer1. Record numbers for people using the Internet for television

With more and more access becoming available for mobile devices to screen television programmes, I guess it’s no surprise that the BBC have announced they set record numbers in 2012 as they broke all previous records for British broadcasting online TV managing to notch up 2.32 billion TV and radio programme requests.

Of the 2.32 billion TV and radio programme requests made last year, it equated to 36.5 billion minutes of BBC programmes across all platforms for iPlayer. Figures were up on viewing times by 34% with the Olympic opening ceremony topped the iPlayer’s viewing events with 3,326 million requests, followed up by Top Gear with 2,834 million and Sherlock with 2,528 million requests.

The growth of smartphone has also helped the increase with BBC, with the company reporting a 177% increase year-on-year and it now consists of more than a quarter of total iPlayer requests.

It seems that all television and movie viewing are making their transition to online.

Samsung vs Apple2. After all the battles it is Samsung that come out on top

It has been somewhat of an ongoing fight between the two global tech organisations Samsung and Apple with regards to their smartphones, over 2012 especially. Although this does not mean the end to the wars by any means we do now know who is on top.

This week numbers were released by Strategy Analytics, who have said that Samsung have extended their lead over rival manufacturers to capture a 30 percent global market share. A very impressive year saw the firm distribute a record number 213 million smartphones over the course of 2012, smashing the previous record held by Nokia of 100.1 million units in 2010.

Samsung released three smartphones last year the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Y and all together Samsung sold more smartphones in 2012 than Apple and Nokia combined, very impressive.

Apple continued to show growth in the smartphone market, shipping 135.8 million handsets globally, giving them a 46% annual growth in units shipped. However you have to say that 2012 clearly belonged to Japanese giants Samsung.

Twitter23. Twitter releases video addition to iOS, but is six-seconds really worth it?

It was announced on Thursday that social network site Twitter were to release a new video feature, which would allow users of the iOS app to post looping six-second clips.

The app known as “Vine” is aimed to allow users to communicate via video, simply tap the screen to start recording and lift your finger off the screen to stop. Eventually Twitter want to see short sound-optional movies created through a variety of clips released. The only question that people keep asking is why only six seconds?

The social network has always been about short and to the point, hence the limit on characters in tweets, which leads us to believe this is why they have set a time limit on the videos. The only problem being is that the two different forms of communication vary in terms of how you get your message across. Twitters answer to this is simply that the videos are to “abbreviate and shorten to form of something larger”.

The app is currently only available for iOS but Twitter have announced it will be coming to other platforms. The app is not held down to Twitter though as users of Vine can still sign up via email and share short videos on Facebook, however there is speculation this may not be the case in the future.

Pebble Watch 24. Pebble finally distributes watches to its backers

A few weeks back we reviewed the best tech stories from CES with one being the revolutionary smartwatch Pebble. The company had announced the mass production of the watch earlier this month and has now started its distribution to early backers.

Just to bring you up to date, Pebble is a smartwatch, which is integrated with iOS and Android, which allows you access to messages, emails, incoming calls, music and others. The company received record-breaking backing from Kickstarter during its funding stage, generating over $1 million in its first day.

Anyway, Pebble have finally announced they will be making shipments to its backers, sending out the first units on Wednesday. There was however warning to the users that some kinks and issues still need to work out. Pebble mentioned at CES that its production line at its peak is able to output 15,000 watches per week, although only 500 will be in the initial shipment.

We will wait to see the outcome and reviews of the smartwatches and keep you up to date on the progress of the company.

Temple Run 25. It was a success the first time around, what about now for Temple Run?

After the success story, which followed the first release, finally Imangi Studios have produced the sequel for the popular Temple Run – sporting a very original name Temple Run 2. Initially released on iOS only, the smash hit app recorded 20 million downloads within the first four days and is now available on Android also, via the Google Play store.

Second time around follows the same format as before, which come as no real surprise, since it recorded 170 million downloads. The main character’s aim is still to travel across many levels and escape the temple beasts, jumping and shimmying around various objects.

The original Temple Run first released in 2011 on iOS only was such a success that they decided to push it into the Android market. This proved to be a good decision as the organisation saw growth of 1 million downloads in just 3 days. I’m sure Imangi will predict vast improvements on this figure for Temple Run 2.



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