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Twitter Porn Scandel1. Anger surrounds Twitters new app feature Vine

Only a week ago we wrote about Twitter’s new app feature Vine for iOS, which allows you to post six second looping videos through the website. However no sooner was the announcement made, now Twitter is being heavily criticized for hardcore pornography being listed on its homepage.

The six-second video was ranked the “editors pick” on Monday – meaning users could find the x-rated clip without leaving the homepage. The app has no age limit for its users and has already passed Apple’s guidelines on nudity and suggestive content; the only caution was a short message before the video started stating “may contain sensitive content”.

The video was eventually removed after being live for a few hours and has heaped pressure on Twitter to clean up its new feature after being credited with inventing ”microporn”. Not the initial publicity the social network giant would have hoped for, lets wait and see if others will try and capitalise on this.

128GB iPad2. Apple unleashes its new 4th Gen iPad with double the memory but at double the price

Apple has dominated the tablet market since the release of the original iPad back in 2010, distributing the next best and innovative features for the gadgets. However earlier this week Apple revealed it would be launching the latest version of its Apple iPad 4 with 128GB. This has resulted in some negative attention towards the company as it represents a minor change to a device, which had already received a slight overhaul late last year.

There was heavy speculation that the company would be releasing a new iPad but with more significant changes in the upcoming months. This now looks unlikely to happen. The new model includes all of the same features as before, including a 9.7” Retina Display, a HD Facetime camera and an A6X processor.

Reasoning behind the upgrade is to offer a more powerful device for the business world, with the company still concentrating on pushing the tablet into companies for professional use. Although as mentioned before, it comes with a business price tag, with the 128 GB Wi-Fi only iPad retailing at $799 and the cellular version trumping that at $929.

The new iPad’s are to be released on the 5th of February.

YouTube Paying for Channels3. YouTube set to make users pay for channels

It seems that everything these days comes at a cost as YouTube is now set to make its users pay for a selection of channels on the video-sharing network according to a report by AdAge. The new model could launch as early at Q2 of this year, with sources familiar to the plans revealing that YouTube has already been in contact with a small number of content producers.

If true, the plans would see users pay monthly subscriptions of $1 to $5 for channels, which would be a dramatic shift for the website who currently fund their organisation via pre-roll advertisements. In addition to charging for episodic shows or content, YouTube also have plans to apply charges to libraries, self-help and financial advice shows and live events using a pay-per-view model.

The Google owned company are yet to release a statement on the matter although AdAge has suggested that media companies with large followings like Machinima the game specialist, content producers Maker Studios and Fullscreen are rumoured to be involved.

Now it is left to be seen if YouTube go ahead with the projected plans and who will stick around to be part of it. It’s not something I will be getting involved with.

Playstation 4 Promo4. The first hint at the Playstation 4?

Sony dropped their first hint that something big is coming soon, with many of its anticipated customers hoping for the Playstation 4. A short 45-second clip, which features an animation of the console’s controller symbols, was released on YouTube this week. The video ended with the message “Feb 20th 2013” and is promoting the first major Playstation news conference in a long awaited two years.

The last time the gaming giants Sony revealed a similar approach was for the Vita hand-held console, although it is the Playstation which is being speculated as the next big thing to come from Japan eight years since the previous console launched.

Sony is staying quiet on the matter of the event, however it is expected the launch will come about halfway through the year to try and gain a competitive edge on competitor Microsoft Xbox. Microsoft is also being heavily tipped to be launching a follow-up to the Xbox 360 console. What ever happens, it looks very likely to be a competitive war with new consoles gracing us very soon.

Google Chime for Chrome5. A simple and easy way to see all your notifications using one tool

Having to check every a variety off different sites for up to date notifications, or being alerted every 5 minuets because of new changes, emails or tweets can become a bit tedious. Google have tried to combat this by releasing a new update Chime for Chrome.

Google for Chrome pulls together all of your notifications from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Flickr, Foursquare and Stackoverflow and makes them become accessible through a simple drop-down bar.

The installation automatically detects what accounts from the above you are signed up with and offers you to chance to include them in your Chime or not. The update then gets to work and shows you the updates you are receiving in the top right of your screen in chronological order. Alternatively you can select the Chime button on your toolbar and receive all the same information.

I have been using the application for some time now and although handy, it does sometimes react slower to the websites themselves, which can be a bit annoying and ends up in you having more updates than before.



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