MUSTARD PR’s Top Tech of the Week

Here we have it, the top tech from the past week…

1. Multi billion dollar deal sees Dell go private

Dell Goes PrivateSpeculation has surrounded the organisation for a while now regarding the projected plan to turn computing giant Dell into a private listed company. Well it was announced earlier this week that the official plans have been made and the take over is thought to be in the region of $24.4 billion.

A number of different firms are believed to be involved with helping founder Michael Dell fund the deal, including private equity firm Silver Lake and $2 billion loaned from Microsoft.

The move represents a price of $13.65 per share, through Dell, which is generous considering late last year they were prices at $9.00 and closed at $13.27 Monday evening. Michael Dell plans to take over the company by becoming its chairman and CEO; he currently owns 15.7% of Dell’s common shares valued at $3.6 billion, which he intends to re-invest into the take over as well as $700 million to make himself the majority stakeholder in the company.

2. New Twitter app Vine changed viewing age after porn scandal

Vine Porn Scandel 2In last weeks post we wrote about the disaster of pornographic videos being displayed on Twitters new video sharing service app Vine. Since the indecent clips were uploaded, the aftermath has lead to Twitter changing the apps rating from 12+ to 17+, significantly cutting out a chunk of their market. This means users will have to confirm they are 17 years of age or older before being able to use the app.

The videos were first noticed on 27th January and eventually after numerous views became visible on the home page and in the editors choice column on Vine. The clips were eventually flagged, but only a mere message warning of adult content was published rather than more serious action taken.

Twitter was not the only service that has had to change there viewing rating age. Photo sharing app Tumblr was also forced to change due to adult content being published. The new rating is set to be introduced to the new version of Vine (1.0.5), which gives its users the ability to share vines on Twitter and Facebook.

3. iTunes reaches new highs as it sells 25 billion songs

iTunesIt seems we speak about them every week, yet they always have a new story to gloat about. Yes tech giant Apple have set another milestone this week by announcing it has sold over 25 billion songs on its iTunes Store.

The store was set up in 2003 and now accumulates over 23 million tracks available to download in 119 different countries, statistically showing that the store sells on average over 15,000 songs per minute. Apple responded in their usual fashion by rewarding the lucky 25th billionth customer with a gift card valued at €10,000, that person was Chase Buch who downloaded “Monkey Dreams” (Goksel Vancin Remix).

This puts new heights on an already successful year with Apple last month announcing they had recorded 40 billion app downloads from its App Store, 20 billion being from 2012.

4. Polytron unveils the transparent smartphone

PolytronAdvancements in technology is something that continually amazes all of us regardless of how big or little it may be. The latest development is in the smartphone market where a Taiwanese company called Polytron have been working with what’s known as glass-based technology and has developed “Polyvision Privacy Glass”. The company created a prototype smartphone, which was unveiled this week; the transparent product, which is yet to be named, uses liquid crystal molecules randomly orientated in the glass to line up when an electric charge is applied.

The smartphone, which only has a few visible elements including the board, memory card and camera, features a touchscreen interface in the centre. Although this is only a basic function at the moment since it doesn’t feature an OS, it shows real potential and the company suggests that manufacturers could use the technology and have products in shops by the end of 2013.

5. XBOX and Playstation to put a stop to hard copy games?

XBOX v PlaystationWith all the rumours surrounding the gaming industry and the release of the two newly anticipated consoles, Microsoft’s XBOX and Sony’s Playstation, questions are being aroused as to what changes are going to be made.

You would have thought typically that something drastic would be changed in order to create press headlines and generate sales. Currently the most talked about change is the idea of abolishing hard copy disks and making all transactions via online and downloads. This is not necessarily a new feature as you have the ability to complete these actions on the Playstation 3, however if manufacturers focus completely on this it is likely to cause uproar within the fan base and not to mention the high street industries, who we have already seen struggle.



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