Mailbox – masterstroke or madness?

MailBoxIt’s an app launch like no other we’ve seen before here at MUSTARD PR, and one that is polarising opinion – masterstroke or madness?

Yes, we’re talking about Mailbox, the iOS app that claims to change email forever. Users who registered an interest in the app a few months back are now waiting in line to be given access to the app. After entering the code into the app that was made available to download in the App Store last week, users can see exactly where they are in line and how many people are behind them.

The app currently has over 700,000 users queuing to use the app. People in line are sharing where they are via social networks and the viral element to the launch has taken off.  Mailbox uses a clever in-app counter, which gives its users the ability to check where they are in an online queuing system. We’ve been trying it out ourselves and believe us, checking where you are in line soon becomes addictive. This is the part where we believe the team behind the app are spot on in terms of their marketing tactics. Whether you like queuing or not, you can’t help but be hooked by Mailbox and the exclusive feel the queuing system creates.

The app itself has a new approach to managing your inbox. For all those people who are glued to their email devices Mailbox offers you a revolutionised way to sieve through your bulging inbox, allowing you to prioritise individual messages into what you want to read now and what you can leave until another time. For emails that are not so urgent you are given the option to set a reminder on them and they will get directed back to you at the date you set, therefore no worries of forgetting them. The app comes with a very slick and easy to use interface, which is supposed to offer you the ability to fast track through emails whilst on the move. Some reviews have warned it does take some reprogramming of your brain, however its one which apparently users will find better suited.

The guys at Econsultancy posted some interesting thoughts earlier this week. Paul Boag’s piece titled ‘Mailbox app: how to unintentionally alienate users’ looked at some of the reasons he believes Mailbox’s launch has angered users. He has some valid points – people hate to wait and users feel undervalued.


Whatever happens, from a PR and marketing perspective this has been huge in terms of coverage and virality. Whether it’s good or bad, people are talking about Mailbox.



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