Top Tech of the Week!

Sick to death of Valentines this week? Don’t worry, we have the perfect answer – sit back, relax and check out our top tech of the week…

1. Apple to tackle different avenues with its new iWatch?

iWatchRumours always have and always will surround tech giant Apple, sometimes they prove to be right and quite often it is purely speculation. However the latest story, which has been covered by various media, is the prototype development of the iWatch a wearable computer for your wrist. It is thought that Apple has a team of up to 100 persons working on the device, which is intended to be compatible with iOS technology. Bloomberg who published an article earlier this week stated that the team consists of managers, members of the marketing group and engineers that worked on the iPhone and iPad.

Although this is still only rumoured to be a prototype, there is no real reason as to why Apple wouldn’t move into this vastly growing market. We wrote not too long back about Pebble and their smartwatch, which received record backing from Kickstarter up to $10million and of course there is Google’s new innovative product Google Glass, the computerised technology headset, set to be released very soon, proving there is a shift in the market to more easily accessible devices rather than a smartphone.

We will keep you fully updated on the latest involving Apple and the iWatch, hopefully it wont be too long now.

2. Mobile World Congress to see LG’s new Optimus smartphone range

LG Optimus L Series IIMost people have only just caught up after the hectic chaos, which followed CES, and Mobile World Congress is now here with all the rumours and stories being leaked which is making for a much anticipated start of the show which goes live in Barcelona later this month.

This year one thing we can confirm is that LG will be take centre stage (at least for a little while) whilst they launch one of the worst kept secrets of the show. The South Korean company are to showcase its Optimus L Series II set of smartphones, which includes the 3.2-inch L3II, 4.0-inch L5II and the 4.3-inch L7II.

LG promises that each handset will be available as single or dual SIM, featuring the usual LG bundle software QSlide, QuickTranslator and QuickMemo. The new feature set to be included is Quick Button a tool, which allows users to personalise a hotkey, which will see any app launch quickly.

It was also announced this week that the company sold 15 million of its Optimus L Series and plans to sell 45 million handsets in 2013 with the launch of its three new products. However the company remain wary especially of market leaders Samsung and Apple who contribute to 52% of the market.


Harlem ShakeIt’s the craze that has taken over the Internet in just a matter of days and is still on the rise. Yes the “Harlem Shake”, the hilarious snippet videos which went viral late last week, proving to be so popular that it’s becoming widely known as 2013’s answer to “Gangnam Style”.

For those who are yet to have the pleasure of seeing the videos they consist of one person, often in a helmet of some sort, dancing alone in a room, which appears to be full of people just getting on with their usual day. Then as the beat kicks in, the room smash cuts into a room of everybody dancing in the most ridiculous way possible.

The videos popularity has soared within just over a week with 12,000 videos being uploaded and generated over 44 million views, with new videos coming at a rapid rate of 4,000 per day. In fact it has grown to such an alarming rate that other businesses have started to take note, here you can see social network giant Facebook’s attempt at the “Harlem Shake”. The amount of views have also been bolstered due to the fact they are only 30-seconds long and many can be viewed within a short space of time.

Lets see if this time next week they have started to slow up or not.

4. Self-driving cars being tested at Oxford University

Self Driving CarYes, soon those long journeys you dread will become a thing of the past and not being able to afford a taxi after a night out a distant memory. A study undertaken by students and faculty at The University of Oxford have developed a prototype self-driving car that can cope with snow, rain and other weather conditions.

The system is run through a Nissan Leaf electronic car and has the capability to stop for pedestrians when tested at up to 40 mph. The team behind the research believe that cars using these systems will come into play within the next 15 years and could dramatically effect the way we travel by being able to deal with traffic jams more effectively and heavily reducing the number of road accidents reported each year.

The auto-drive system works by recognising where it is, based on a laser scanner on the front of the vehicle, comparing its surroundings to its stored data. You will be able to store GPS maps into the car, which it will soon be able to recognise. Once the system becomes familiar with a certain route it will interrupt the driver by offering to take over, although it is always up to the driver whether this is to happen or not.

At present the cost for fitting one of these systems is around £5,000 but it is predicted that this figure can considerably drop to roughly around £100 by the time they are to be released to manufacturers.

5. Skype new ‘Video Messaging’ feature

Skype Video MessageNo more having to stay up until unfriendly hours chatting to loved ones on the other side of the world just to see their face, or missing them with only limited time to spare. Now Skype have introduced a new feature, which allows its users to record ‘Video Messaging’ clips, which they can send to friends and family.

The new feature is available on Mac, iPhone and Android applications however not yet available on Windows although they can still receive Video Messages.

The feature comes to the latest version of Skype and the new option is available in the ‘Conversations’ menu, which once clicked on activates your camera and shows a recording button at the bottom along with options to cancel. Skype are offering at least 20 ‘Video Messages’ to be sent before the service starts charging – thought it sounded too good to be true. The messages can last up to 3 minutes long, so if you haven’t spoken in a while, think before you speak.



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