Top 5 Tech of the Week

So here it is, our much-anticipated Top 5 Tech of the week, reviewing the biggest global technology stories over the past seven days.

Burger King Twitter1. Twitter hackers result in Burger King’s account closure

The growth of social media has made it become one of the key tools in marketing for businesses small and large worldwide. Meaning that when a problem occurs it really can prove vital unless handled in the correct way. This was not the case for fast food chain Burger King as there Twitter account was hacked yesterday and transformed into a fake McDonalds account.

The takeover is thought to of happened on Monday evening by hacker group Anonymous as part of their #OpMadCow plan, yet this still isn’t to be confirmed. Various tweets were posted from the Burger King account including one reading “We just got sold to McDonalds! Look for McDonalds in a hood near you” this tweet was soon followed up by Anonymous’ own twitter account, which said, “We’re guessing the @BurgerKing social media team is having a bad day….” Coincidence, you decide?

Twitter finally changed their account back to normal in the early hours of Tuesday, I imagine slightly embarrassed.

BlackBerry Z10 22. Blackberry fails to impress once again

A few weeks ago we wrote about Blackberry and their huge media launch showing off their two new products, the Blackberry Z10 and Q10. The plan was to update the brand and start competing with leading smartphone devices already on the market, mainly the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy. However it would appear that the launch has not been as successful as initially promised. Blackberry have only managed to sell around 300,000 of its new Z10 smartphone coming up to the end of its financial year, analysts say this is a far cry from earlier estimates of up to 1.75m, the company now looks set to make a fifth consecutive loss in a row.

Many people remain pessimistic that Blackberry will successfully overcome their troubles and challenge Nokia and Microsoft for third place in the smartphone rankings, let alone get anywhere close to leaders Apple and Samsung.

Unfortunately we think Blackberry has maybe had their time and seems to be ever falling in terms of sales numbers and general coverage. It will take something special to shoot them back up the ranks and pushing for any real dominance in market and after launching two new products less than a month ago we cannot see it happening any time soon.

HTC One3. HTC back in the smartphone race with the new HTC One

With smartphones still fresh in your minds and after cynical yet realistic write up of Blackberry’s Z10, here is a product which has a bit more optimism surrounding it. Earlier this week mobile manufacturer HTC unveiled its latest flagship smartphone The HTC One, hopefully not another device full of hot air when it tells us it aims to compete with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy.

The new Android device lines up with a 4.7-inch full 1080p HD screen and is completely made of aluminium. The product come built with a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processer and 2GB of RAM, making it one of the faster devices on the market.  Another quirky addition is that every handset can be used as a universal remote for televisions; with its mirroring app it makes it easy to flick through channels.

A price is yet to be announced by the company, however it will plan to keep it around the same mark as the new Galaxy S and Facebook smartphones, rumoured to be announced in March.

PS44. Sony announces the PlayStation 4……. Kind of

We spoke about the big announcement Sony had planned for PlayStation a couple of weeks back and excitement was at a high mainly because it was almost guaranteed the company would be announcing and showing off the highly anticipated PlayStation 4.

The feedback so far has indicated it was somewhat of an anti climax. Sony did announce that the console would be with customers by Christmas 2013, however refused to set a price or even show the console itself at the event in New York, although its thought to be in the region of £300. The new console promises all the upgrades and additions you would expect with a new product including a new breed of games, more lifelike graphics and a greater user experience.

Although the console itself did not make an appearance, Sony did show off the new controller, which has adapted a lot considering the changes from PlayStation 2/3 were minute. The new handset is a more curvy model and come with a built in touch pad and simulator which interacts with PlayStation Eye and smartphones, enabling gamers to chat with other users whilst playing.

Now it’s the waiting game to see what Microsoft will unleash.

Facebook Calling 25. Facebook upgrades its iOS app to offer ‘Free Calls’

After becoming a lot of peoples main source of contact through status’s and chat, Facebook have now incorporated calls to friends within the iOS mobile app. We briefly spoke about this feature in a previous post before it was trialled on its Messenger app, now the social network is bringing it to the forefront to its main app.

There is however one problem in that the feature will be restricted to US and Canada, frustrating many of its 680 million mobile users worldwide. Also Facebook advertises this feature as free, although it will carry on using your existing data plan for your mobile – meaning, keep an eye on how much you use it, unless you have unlimited minutes.

In order for the service to become active, users must firstly upgrade to the latest version of Facebook and then will see the “i” icon in the chat pop up bar. This move is set to open Facebook to potentially millions more people – as if it wasn’t big enough!


Next week we will be bringing you all the Top Tech stories from Mobile World Congress, Barcelona!



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