Top 5 Tech of the Week

Beats & Apple1. Beats and Apple join forces?

Apple have very much dominated the music industry since setting up their online iTunes store back in 2001, along the way very much playing their part in putting a number of other businesses out to the slaughter. This was of course until another angle was taken on how people can listen to their music, yes streaming. Within the last five years many businesses have been formed to create this market, Spotify and Pandora should ring a bell. For Apple to hold their firm position of market leader in online music, this is an area, which they must tackle. Well according to Reuters there is heavy speculation that this is Apples next step.

It was reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook met up with Jimmy Lovine CEO of Beats to discuss the option of a coalition involving a new streaming service run by the two music giants. Beats recently set up their new Daisy service, which has received backing of up to $60 million. This inevitably made big boys Apple stand up and pay attention especially due their interest in this market. Apple has been looking to add to its iTunes store and certainly the Beats brand is strong enough to create a dominant force.

We will keep you fully up to date on the latest regarding this potential partnership.

BBC Windows Phone2. Popular app iPlayer coming to Windows phones

As the rise of Windows phones continue, more and more apps and services are jumping on the bandwagon and the latest app to be announced is BBC’s catch-up TV service iPlayer. The service set to feature on the Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 is expected to be with users within the next few months.

Currently you are able to access iPlayer through other devices including Android, BlackBerry and iOS, its therefore likely that Windows users were crying out for the service. The service will integrate with Windows media player app and work as a shortcut to allow iPlayer to operate as a live tile.

This is huge news for Microsoft as they aim to tackle the market leaders Samsung and Apple. Microsoft is yet to rule out the prospect of creating a global version of iPlayer, although there are no immediate plans. The app will be available to download via the Windows Phone store.

Angry Birds Free3. Get Angry Birds for FREE

After becoming the most downloaded game in history, there is no question that Angry Birds has been a real success. However like many things it has had its day and recently started to die down, or has it? A smart move from Rovio (creator of Angry Birds) has helped the game to become App of the Week on the App Store completely u-turning since slipping out of the top 80 highest grossing iPhone apps, for the first time since 2010.

Rovio have made the original version of Angry Birds now free. Users noticed that the app, which usually costs $0.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for iPad, had earlier this week removed the payment service. This was a smart move from Angry Birds creator as it has once again bolstered download numbers and the game still offers in-app purchases, which will inevitably generate enough revenue to make the change worth while.

To also make the deal a little bit sweeter, Rovio have added 15 new levels for the game, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Facebook NewsFeed4. Facebook’s gone and done it again

It happens maybe once or twice every couple of years, Facebook decides it doesn’t like itself and completely has a makeover. Well its that time again, as late this week Mark Zuckerberg took centre stage to announce a new look for Facebook’s newsfeed, which has apparently been “mobile-inspired” which offers a consistent design across devices.

The changes will include photo albums having a facelift to make them more immersive, plus links posted on Facebook will now appear larger so that users know what they are clicking on. Check-ins are now to appear on a larger map so that people know exactly where you are; Pinterest posts are now going to be more visible on Facebook as well as a number of other things.

You can expect to see the new changes (and people complaining about them) over the next few weeks. Facebook aim to slowly roll out the newsfeed in order to gain feedback on what people like and dislike.

Alcatel5. Now pick up a phone for £1.00

We spoke last week about Nokia releasing a handset costing just £13 in order to target a sub market of people who require phones to do predominantly what they were intended to do, communicate only. Well if you thought that was good value forget it because now for the price of the Nokia 105 you could purchase 13 of the new Alcatel One Touch 232, yes a phone for just £1.

The same as the Nokia 105, the Alcatel One Touch 232 will not play Angry Birds or be able to access Facebook, but it will allow the user to make calls and send text messages. In terms of additional features, they are very basic, the phone also come equipped with an alarm clock, radio, calculator and colour screen, even if it is 1.5 in.

Yes they may not give you all the great features that your smartphone will, but then again, how many of the apps on your phone do you really use? In terms of a back up phone or something to take on holiday it fits the solution perfectly.



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