Top Tech of the Week!

1. Twitter takes over San Francisco startup and enter the music frame

Twitter MusicWithin social media, every network is always looking to get the next step up on their rivals, thinking of something that separates your business from the rest of the crowd can see a dramatic change to user numbers and your overall position within the market.

The latest enhancement to this ever-growing list is Twitters feature, Twitter Music. Last year Twitter snuck under the radar to acquire a San Francisco based startup We Are Hunted. The technology app allows users to give feedback on songs via social media and other places; although we wouldn’t be surprised if soon Twitter is the only place you will be able to give feedback once it is fully integrated with Twitter Music.

Twitter Music is likely to only start out as an iOS app, allowing users to discover artists and stream music within the app via Soundcloud. The app is likely to use a format which will include four different sections ‘Suggestions’ which will allow you to discover recommended music, ‘Popular’ which really speaks for itself, this will show you trending music, ‘#NowPlaying’ this final tab allows you to view what music is being listened to by the people you follow.

Something which will take some by surprise is that users of Twitter Music are not required to have a Twitter account, as many people have already mentioned, this will defiantly broaden Twitters user base. Also due to the fact this is the first clear move of a market leader it will put Twitter in a very competitive space.

2. LG performs major photobomb in Times Square

Not quite on the serious note of ground breaking tech news, however it is a great example of some rivalry between two of today’s tech giants.

The launch is the pinnacle stage for any product and advertising is a great way to promote the latest release from a business. It is essential to try and maximise the coverage and noise of a new product in order to utilize sales, therefore creating a success. So you can imagine the frustration of Samsung when trying to promote there Galaxy S4 launch and this happens….

LG & SamsungYes Samsung recently bought the new advertising space in the heart of Times Square with the intention of it bringing in good publicity for the Samsung Galaxy S4. However the South Korean electronic company were unaware that all along rival tech company LG owned the rights to the space directly above it and had done for the past 20 years.

Of course it didn’t take long for LG to redevelop its advertisement space, promoting the new Optimus G with the slogan ‘LG Optimus G Is Here 4 You Now’ directly above Samsung’s board reading ‘Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy’. A controversial move perhaps, however we think it is a great piece of advertisement for both really because it has bought considerably more attention to the project than intended.

Finally just to rub salt in the wound, LG managed to sneak into Samsung’s pre-event teaser video, although this was short lived as the video has now been removed, we can only imagine for that reason.

3. We say goodbye to Google Reader

Google ReaderSpring is here and let the cleaning commence. Its not just in the home where the trend is catching, Google have decided that its about time they had a clean out of all the applications which they do not see fit to be part of the company any more.

The cut that has caused the most uproar is that of Google Reader. The RSS or Really Simple Syndication application was launched in 2005 and currently aggregates news content from web feeds making it simple for people to keep tabs on their favourite websites and blogs.

The news of the service shutting down has come as a shock and outraged some people who insist on its benefits for their work or even day-to-day life (maybe a bit dramatic). Not even a petition signed by 25,000 people was enough to convince Google to keep the service as they insisted that the app had seen a considerable drop in user numbers and the company were pushing their energy into fewer products. Some people believe this is a strategic move to push more people into its Google+ social media service.

Other closures, which were announce include Google Voice app for BlackBerry, Snapseed Desktop and Google Cloud Connect, a desktop plug-in made redundant by Google Drive for desktop.

4. Samsung launches the new Android Galaxy S 4

Samsung Galaxy S 4Despite all the best efforts of LG, Samsung did officially launch their new Galaxy S 4 and what a success it was, with some lucky enough to try it out claiming it is the best Android phone on the market, perhaps even the best smartphone. Months of rumours and leaks have suggested that the S 4 will trump all other models currently released by Samsung and they did not disappoint, as the phone is predicted to follow its predecessors the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series with sales into the millions.

The device features a 4G LTE support, is 7.9mm-thick, has a 5” 441ppi screen and sports a 13mp camera with duel camera recording. Weighing in at 130 grams the Samsung S 4 also features new sensors, which can measure temperature and humidity.

JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile Communications has declared the handset a “life companion” (maybe a step too far) as the new phone shows Samsungs latest features including the Samsung Smart Scroll, Samsung Knox and the new S Translator. What seems most impressive is Samsungs new innovative camera, which allows users to activate both the front and back camera at the same time. It also offers a new “Sound in Shot” mode, allowing you to record a voice clip, which can then be added to a photograph.

No price is yet to be given, although it’s likely that the phone will sell whatever the cost.

5. #FacbookCopiesHashTag

#FacebookSocial networks have become a necessity to millions of people’s lives, with a handful of different sites dominated a very crowded market. With that said you would think that when a business generates an innovative idea, which results in mass coverage and user numbers they would patent it. Obviously Twitter did not deem this to be essential, as they have never ceased to purchase the hashtag concept.

With that being the case, heavy speculation now surrounds fierce rival Facebook as they intend to integrate the hashtag service into their site. It is yet understood how much work has actually been put into idea, however due to the size of the company it is assumed many different engineers have their hands on prototypes. It is likely Facebook will use the hashtag for the same reason Twitter has – allowing users to filter topics being spoken about. It is also believed this will be used as a stepping stone towards bringing Instagram (owned by Facebook) closer to the social network site, which is currently using the hashtag option.

Twitter will always be the business associated with the hashtage concept, which supposedly is the reason for not patenting the symbol, although surely in time this will become irrelevant as more and more businesses are starting to use the feature within their sites.



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