Top 5 Tech of the Week!

YahooNick D’Aloisio’s Christmas’ have all come at once

Near the end of last year, we wrote about an extremely popular news app Summly and the remarkable growth it had received, which also included £1 million worth of investment as a start-up.

With the app creating such outstanding headlines, which was helped by the fact its founder (Nick D’Aloisio) was only 15 when he set up the business, it was only ever a matter of time before more well established organisations started to take note. Well now it has, as earlier this week it was announced that Yahoo has acquired the business in a deal understood to be worth “dozens of millions” of pounds. Both companies have held the exact amount and details of the deal confidential.

Summly has now shut down and been removed from the App Store whilst the process of being transferred and becoming a Yahoo application is underway. What’s next for Nick D’Aloisio? Well apart from becoming one of the youngest self-made millionaires, along with the deal Yahoo have also employed the young tech whiz kid (now 17 years old).

Google Glass CostA bit of an anti climax for Google Glass winners

It’s been a long time waiting but Google has finally announced their competition winners, who will receive the much anticipated Google Glass headsets. When we last spoke about Project Glass it was unclear how many of the products would be handed out to non-developers, however it has now been clarified that 8,000 winners will be given the chance to get there hands on Google’s prize earlier than the rest of the world.

So why the title? Well the good news to the winners was also accompanies by instructions of how to claim there prize, which informed those that they would have to pay $1500 as well as collecting them from either New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Well Don’t get us wrong, we would love to be one of the winners and have chance to fully examine the product, however when someone tells you you’ve won something, you will usually make the assumption that the product will be given to you for free, right?

This comes on the back of some criticism surrounding Google’s latest project, as many people believe security issues not to mention general vision obstructions will hazard the headsets.

Cyber AttackThe biggest hack ever?

A differentiated opinion between two-heavyweight spam fighting groups has cause uproar for many organisations as the whole worlds Internet is severely slowed down. The row erupted after London based Spamhaus (a spam filtering organisation) blocked Dutch orientated Cyberbunker (pretty much an anything goes website). Cyberbunker claim that Spamhaus are abusing their position on the web and have no right to decide what content should be promoted or not.

The incident currently has five national cyber-police on the case after concerns of large web based companies like Netflix feel the strain. Authorities are also worried what effect it may have on the banking system. However even the experts are treading carefully as they do not want to get caught in the middle of a war zone and find all there systems are also on shut down.

The effect of the attack is apparently peaking at 300 Gbps (gigabits per second). This doesn’t mean a lot to many people so it has been put into perspective, for example, when major banks are effected by cyber attacks, they would usually run at 50Gbps. It is thought that the power of the attack could within seconds take down or even temporarily extinct Government systems.

BlackBerry ProfitBlackBerry back on the rise?

It hadn’t even been released and already critics were on the warpath for BlackBerry making assumptions of the success (or lack of) it would receive following the new launch of the Z10 and new BlackBerry operating system. However, a good dog never dies I guess is the right way to describe the latest quarter for BlackBerry as they announced it had sold 1 million of its new Z10 smartphones, which only went on sale before the quarter finished on March 2nd.

The multi billion pound company, which revolutionised the smartphone, is also thought to have taken customers away from other phone manufacturers, although more details were not given. However we get the inkling that they are drawing away from the heavy competitors.

Although these figures are very impressive, it must be taken into account that it is still early days in terms of the product life cycle and it is too early to see whether the company can win back customers from the current market leaders Apple and Samsung.

Spotify TVComing soon to a screen near you!

Spotify the music streaming site intends to take the world by storm as it is rumoured the brand have plans to push into the VOD service. The move could see them merge into a market, which will dramatically see there profile increased, however will bring on competitors the likes of Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Blinkbox.

The company has announced several changes within the last few months, which have seen the site take away a five-song cap for free users as well as launching a new web based version. However the dramatics of the new change is speculated to bring users streamed TV series as well as the possible enhancement of a Spotify only commissioned series. Netflix has recently announced this and cause major changes within the television industry as YouTube and BBC iPlayer intend to follow suit.

If this is to be the case, it comes as no surprise this will become a heavily financed venture. However this shouldn’t be to much of a worry for Spotify as investments from Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs recently lead to a $3 billion valuation of the company.



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