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Mobile Birthday1. Happy Birthday Mobile Phone

3rd of April 1973 was a significant year which would change the world of technology forever. 40 years ago this week a man named Marty Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, made the first phone call via a mobile device to another rival company to gloat that he was speaking from “a ‘real’ cellular telephone”.

Can you imagine telling that man that in 40 years time well over three quarters of the planets population would have the power to speak to anyone globally, through his creation? Not to mention all the augmented additions, one being allowing us to surf the web, a concept, which was barely even comprehended at the time.

Initially the creation was to offer independence that no number would be assigned to a place or desk, but to an individual. In the 40 years the mobile phone has changed dramatically, no longer the business mans tool, but almost a necessity for every day life.

Personally I couldn’t imagine living without our my phone and I think I am safe to say I’m not alone when I say that. I remember asking elder members of my family how they communicated before they each had their own portable device. For which they have always replied that it was just the way it was, you would choose a location to meet and at a certain time and it would be done. It is a strange concept to imagine now, could you live without yours?

Baidu Eye2. Baidu Eye, China’s answer to Google Glass

For those who know, Baidu and Google have many similarities. Firstly they are both the most popular search engines in their originated country (China & USA, I’ll let you figure that one out) and now they are battling for dominance in the smart glasses market.

Yes it is heavily speculated that Chinese giant Baidu is set to release a product to rival Google’s Project Glass. Although it is yet to be confirmed whether or not these will be made available to consumers, we are informed that they will be advanced enough to respond to facial recognition.

The product, thought to be named Baidu Eye is reported to appear very similar to Google Glass with a small LCD screen attached to a slim headset. Unfortunately as mentioned there is yet to be confirmation of the product, however an image was leaked which shows a member of Baidu sporting a pair of high technology glasses representing the description above. They tried to play off the picture as an April fools prank, however many including us, find this hard to be true.

Were all looking forward to how this one develops.

North Korea Pic3. Hacker Alert!

Considering the seriousness of recent events it comes as really no surprise that everywhere you look you are reading about North Korea. However this time, it is not quite for the same reasons as before. It would appear that both Twitter and Flickr accounts of the communist country have been hacked as well as two of its main websites in an attempt to derail North Korea’s online presence.

It was last week understood up to 15,000 passwords were swiped from North Korea’s popular Uriminxokkiri news and information website, by the so called ‘hacktivist’ collective. Uriminxokkiri’s Twitter was also part of the scheme, which saw various tweets posted saying “hacked” and “Tango down”. The countries Flickr account also posted

It has been dismissed as to how much power the hackers have over the, believed to be, 3,000 strong ‘cyber army’ North Korea apparently have. However to prove there levels of access, the hackers are promising to push porn and kitten images to the network.

The attacks are planned to continue with a date set of April 19th, this is believed to be the next big cyber attack to come. This all comes part of the groups #OpFreeKorea campaign, which although could be understood by many, you would like to think these kind of tactics do not have a negative effect on a delicate situation.

Facebook Home4. Facebook’s big announcement

Were back here again, Facebook has a big announcement and the whole world stands still in admiration of the young multi billion dollar man. Yes Mark Zuckerberg took centre stage this week at a conference to showcase the much-anticipated ‘Facebook Home’. Although there have been heavy speculations surrounding Facebook for a while now, according to the social networks CEO there were never any intentions to produce a Facebook phone or operating network, oh no this is apparently so much more.

Facebook Home works as your phones mainframe, allowing you to control all current applications you normally would, but through a new unique home screen, which always keeps you connected with your Facebook feed. Facebook’s reasoning behind this is that your phones lock screen is currently unused empty space. Maybe you might have a clock or calendar to look at, but nothing on what Facebook promises to give you. If you spend a lot of time scanning friend’s updates and commenting on posts, you can now do this all through the upgrade.

The software will be available via Google’s Play Store and be compatible with phones running Android 4.0 or higher. The product will become available on 12th April in the US, however it is yet to be announced when it will go global. Due to the fact it is a downloadable option and not a built in software, it’s worth a test flight and if you don’t like it, its easy to dispose of.

Protection Bracelet5. Stay protected with the Smart Bracelet

The more and more advanced technology gets the more people worry about the dangers that could follow. Well now this need not be the case as this new product is designed for the sole purpose of protecting peoples wellbeing.

These new hi-tech bracelets have been produced to protect the people who are at risk of kidnapping or killings, mainly due to the locations in which they are based. The bracelet works in two ways, either self-triggered by the user when they face danger or an automatic alert once forcefully removed. It amplifies itself through sat-nav technology to warn that the wearer is in danger. These signals are then passed on to the users social media accounts to highlight his situation. They include the information on the user as well as when and where they were taken; this then helps to alert others near by.

The first bracelets are to be distributed this week, with a projected 55 units being given out by the end of 2014. The Civil Rights backers are currently looking for further funding of the project.



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