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Facebook Calling 21. Facebook to charge users for messaging VIP’s

If you are one of those people who are trying your luck by attempting to communicate with your celebrity hero, then I guess you are not enjoying the new Facebook instalment. However, if receiving countless amounts of spam messages almost makes you debate leaving the social networking site, then this will shine some light into your day.

Facebook have now decided they charge UK users who send messages to people outside of their friendship group, in an attempt to avoid spammers. There is no strict fee on how much each message will cost as of yet. This currently depends on your popularity as a user, i.e. how many friends you have. Facebook say the charging system is based on algorithms, which calculate how many followers a person has on the site to how much the cost equals. It was recorded last week that anyone attempting to message the Olympic Bronze medallist diver Tom Daley faced having to pay £10.68 per message! A heavy price to pay for a blank response.

Facebook did however claim that free messages could still be sent, although they are likely to appear in a more unrecognisable place, which most users would not notice.

Xbox announcement2. Xbox to show its fighting power in May

In February we saw Playstation beat Xbox to the podium in announcing the first signs of their next generation consoles. This bought to the limelight huge anticipation over the actual release date (still yet to be announced) as well as what Xbox has up its sleeve to answer back.

The same as the Playstation, nothing has been confirmed in terms of the actual release date, however we are expected to see the first teaser at an event scheduled for May 21st. According to more local sources Microsoft intend to hold a small conference with pure focus on providing the details on the next generation gaming product, currently under codename Durango.

Although its is still to be confirmed, many believe the new console will debut this year at the E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) conference in June, giving full details of exactly what we can expect with the new product and it is thought distribution will start around Christmas time.

4G Double Speed3. EE increases its 4G network to offer double speed Internet access.

Now we really get to feel the force of 4G as dominant network EE plans to double the speed of your Internet browsing. The company who own Orange and the T-Mobile network say the plan will boost speeds up to more than 20Mbps. To put this into context, currently EE users will receive a network speed of around 8Mbps to 12Mbps depending on the area.

Currently the plan is only set for 10 cities, which obviously include all your big hitters, London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh as well as others. However some critics have said that this new plan could severely cost you in terms of your data usage and to be wary about you phone bills.

EE have seen a dramatic adaption in the way mobile phones are now being used on their network, with more and more people choosing to view video content and use satellite navigation tools due to the ease and speed of the operation.

The speed is believed to be seven times faster than the current 3G available and this has become a huge incentive for people switching their phone provider. Although it must be said, don’t be too hasty as there are many other networks expecting to follow suit within the next couple of months.

Control and Aircraft4.  Control an Aircraft with your mobile phone

The rise in technology has allowed us to control numerous variables in our life through a simple handheld object, the mobile phone. The progression over the last 10 years has given us the ability to surf the internet, capture images and record videos, not to mention the countless apps which drain out batteries within a couple of hours.

However one thing we never thought was probable was the ability to control aircraft. Yes it has emerged this week that apparently Android smartphone users have the capability to hijack passenger aircrafts from the ground. According to former pilot Hugo Teso planes could be redirected through the devices and made to change course, he then went on to demonstrate this using a Samsung Galaxy handset.

The former pilot said his research had led him to gather information which exploited aircrafts and that allowed him to create an App known as PlaneSploit. He also said the aircraft could be controlled using a phones accelerometer to vary speed of the aircraft.

Putting minds at ease Mr Teso did say that this was merely a concept product and that human pilots can override automatic systems, although the ability to mess with cockpit controls which could lead to deploying oxygen masks can be triggered.

The safety authorities were quick to dismiss the worries however, we imagine this is simply a precaution and this will be taken into consideration. Surely?

Goal Line Technology5. Technology to change “the beautiful game” forever!

A debate, which has gone on for quite some time now, finally has its conclusion and for once it’s a positive step. After years of dismissive responses from FIFA and many other football authorities in the Premier League, they have finally caved to an obvious decision which will riddance the game of controversy, well only whether or not the ball crossed the line.

The British Hawk-Eye system, currently used in tennis and cricket is set to be introduced to 20 top flight teams across the United Kingdom including the home of football Wembley Stadium, in time for the 2013-14 season.

The technology will be able to monitor the ball within the goal through various cameras around the stadium. Computer software will then analyse the information seen in the camera to decide if the ball had crossed the line or not. This is then communicated to the games official via a vibration and optical notification on the referees watch, within just one second. Just to put everyone’s mind at ease the system will also sync with TV replays so that everyone can see.

There was concern that this could dramatically slow the game down or perhaps lead to more technology where this would be the case. Personally I think it has been needed in the game for quite some time. The controversy could cost dearly and when the technology is at hand, why not use it? Well at least its here now and I’m defiantly looking forward to that first incident.



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