Top Tech of the Week!

1. Experience YouTube like never before

First VCREarlier this week popular streaming website YouTube celebrated the 57th anniversary of the VCR, allowing its users to watch videos in the classic viewer experience. For a limited time only people visiting the website were able to change the display setting to encounter all the fuzziness and static that was to be the foundation of our childhood movie viewing, including the warping when in pause mode.

Ok probably not the most exciting of ideas they could have had, however it was nice (for a few seconds) to take a trip back down memory lane. The feature wasn’t available on all videos although the majority of popular clips do come equipped with the temporary feature.

The first ever VCR was the Ampex VRX-1000, which was sold in 1956 for $50,000. You can see the size comparison was astronomical compared to most recent models and they didn’t really become much smaller until around the mid 1960s when they started becoming installed in people’s houses. However for most they are now just a fond memory as we take our step into the next generation of technology.

2. Snapchat announces big numbers

SnapchatSnapchat the unique instant messaging service which, users communicate through images and brief text has announced that it is seeing up to 150 million images shared each day, that’s 90 million more than recorded in February, yet some are still some not won over by the apps success. Snapchat has been criticised slightly as many people believe it to be used for explicit images or “sexting” due to the large impression it has had on younger users also the lack of expansion into other age brackets. However Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel dismisses any talk of the app not being attractive to other demographics stating that Snapchat offers the “emotional content” you rarely get in other IM products.

The next steps for Snapchat are currently unclear, although Spiegel was also quoted saying, “some really cool product releases coming up.” The company who secured $13.5 million Series A roundup has toyed with the idea of using advertisement to try and bring in revenue all though all of these ideas have been ignored by Snapchat. It’s inevitable that they need to start generating finance from somewhere, but they have to be careful to just push another advertising app on users.

3. Apple on the downfall

Apple Share FallThey have been up on the podium for a while now, but finally Apple have been dismounted from there top position as most valuable publicly traded company, after an 18 month share price low brings the tech giant dramatically down in value.

Earlier this week share prices closed at $402.80, down $23.44 and their lowest level since December 2011. Exxon Mobil have now taken front lead as most valuable company exceeding Apples $378bn value with their net worth being $385bn.

It is unlikely to be a coincidence that the fall in share value came shortly after the announcement form Cirrus Logic (supplier of the iPhone and iPad), that sales of particular chips necessary for Apple products was slowing in production. This was then erupted by analysts stating the news suggests a major decline in Apple sales in the Q2 period, and that this would result in pushing back plans to release a new product, most notable the iPad, which in previous years had been released around this period of time.

Apple refuses to comment on the statements issued from suppliers and product plans, but we will see what the full effect is when the company release their quarter figures on 23rd April. This is starting to turn into a snowball effect after the end of 2012 saw the share price initially fall from its all time high following the iPhone 5 release. It has now started to be excepted that Apple will never release more ground breaking products, but merely seek to improve to current qualities following the death of founder Steve Jobs, we will simply have to wait and see.

4. #Music to revolutionise Twitter

Twitter MusicLast week Facebook announced their new venture was to move into mobiles with the all new Facebook ‘Home’ pushing the social networking giant into new variables distancing itself from current competition and severely increasing the brands profile (if that was even possible). Well now it is time for the reaction and to see what is in place for rival companies.

This now takes us to Twitter whom has this week announced they plan to revolutionise the way we listen to music. Rather than just scan various songs and albums online looking for something you like, why not have it bought to you? The new Twitter app #Music will recommend tracks based on who you follow; displaying tracks your friends have been listening to as well as artist suggestions.

The app has confirmed to release on iOS soon and will be able to play music directly from Spotify, iTunes and Rdio, however it’s looking like Android users will have to wait.

The app will use the social network in a unique way, which sees most popular music being displayed dominantly and artist will now be able to promote their own music from their pages. Users will also be able to check what there favourite musicians are listening to.

This shows that Twitter intend to very much benefit the musicians dedicated to using the service so they will initially turn to the website as their first point of communication, also seeing as half of all users on the social network follow at least one artist.

5. PSY is back breaking records!

PSY GentlemenHe’s back again, the chubby Korean dancer who took the world by storm in 2012 with his recording of Gangnam Style generating over 1 billion views on YouTube, a first time ever.  Yes PSY has returned, however this time round, he is here to prove to everyone that it was not merely a one hit wonder, and it would seem he wasn’t as his new recording Gentlemen proved equally as popular being the joint fastest video to reach 100 million views.

The song was released on 13th April and managed to secure 100 million views by 16th April only 3 days later, equalling the record set by the video of the Russian meteor filmed in February. It was also stated that the reputation of that video was very much down to it being published across various different news outlets drawing in so many views, where as PSY’s Gentlemen was very much down to his reputation, pretty impressive.

I guess the only thing were waiting on now is to see if it can emulate or even dominate the famous Gangnam Style.



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