New York Times victim of attack by SEA

New York TimesThe New York Times website went offline last night, due to what is being describes as a “malicious external attack” thought to be by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The problem was thought to of happened at roughly 19:00 GMT, since just after the Times posted on its Facebook page that it was attempting to fix the problem.

Apparent evidence led to analysts pointing the finger at the group supporting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad “or someone trying very hard to be them”.

After which the website did appear to be back up and running, although some users were still reporting difficulties, which led to Mark Frons, the company Chief Information Officer cautioning staff to “be careful when sending email communications until this situation is resolved”.

There is apparently compelling evidence linking the SEA, who also claimed responsibility for hacking Twitter’s administrative contact information.

And as if having your site hacked wasn’t bad enough, just to rub salt in the wound, competitor Wall Street Journal took advantage of the situation and removed its pay wall offering all its content free to visitors.

However the site is now back up and running and appears to be problem free, although businesses have been warned, these cyber attacks are unlikely to calm, especially to those businesses which are reporting news and influencing debate.



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