The Waterproof iPhone – Do Not Try This At Home!

iOS7 WaterFirstly lets make this abundantly clear; iPhone’s are NOT waterproof, they never have been and although the upgrades Apple offer are innovative and at times brilliant, this is one augment of the product which is yet to be conquered.

However, lately there have been reported cases by many Apple customers – who have succumb to a hoax advert – of broken iPhone’s from water damage. An advert, which has been spreading through social media channels, claims to demonstrate how the new iOS 7 update includes a “smart-switch” therefore automatically protecting your phone, when it comes into contact with water; inevitably this failed.

The advert does very accurately mimic the theme and style which Apple have become famously associated with, also included in the promo is a statement claiming that Apple’s warranty policy does cover any damage, which again is FALSE.

The hoax is thought to have been created by the forum 4Chan, which are renown for controversy.

The new Apple iPhone can cost up to £709 without a contract, so this is definitely not a mistake, which can be taken lightly, which again has been demonstrated by many angry iPhone holders taking to Twitter to voice there frustrations.



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