Microsoft to rename Estadio Bernabeu?


In sport we have seen some strange sponsorship deals emerge over the years, unfortunately many of them including the mighty Newcastle United. It can be beneficial, however a lot of the time if companies try to force themselves and take on tradition, it normally only results in a negative effect.

The latest catastrophe from within this line of work comes at the hands of Microsoft. The technology giant have reportedly been involved in talks for the naming rights of Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium. However it must be noted that the discussions are at an early stage, and many don’t believe that Microsoft would try to tarnish the Bernabeu name.

A former member of Microsoft believes “at the most the stadium will be called the Microsoft Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.” However many people believe it could get out of hand and Microsoft could even take the route of forcing product placement upon the ground. A member from The Verge tweeted “will it be called the Surface and feature players like Cristiano RonalDOS?” relating to Microsoft’s Surface tablet and their old DOS operating system, although this would be hilarious (if you’re not a Real fan) and it’s very tongue in cheek, they do raise a point over how far can you take it?

Many Real fans have already taken to social networks making their voices heard, non of which I have seen are in support of the campaign, shock! On a final note if Microsoft do end up getting the naming right, look on the bright side, at least if they’re not The Sports Direct Arena.



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