Google Face Lawsuit for In-App Purchases

Google In App PurchFollowing a lawsuit filed against Apple back in 2011, we guessd it was only a matter of time before similar app stores such as Google, Windows or Blackberry were summond to the same fate. Unsurprisingly we were right and Google now faces and uphill battle after claims were made saying the company is “unfairly profiting” by making charges to accessible for children in relation to in app purchases.

The case was issues by a mother in New York after her child spent almost $70 on additional extras whilst playing the popular Marvel Run Jump Smash! game without her consent. She claims that the company “unfairly profit” from children playing gaming apps and more control needs to be handled in order to stop this happening.

Granted it may not be the most extreme case of in app purchasing to have made headlines, but whether you agree with her or not the issue was already alerted back in 2011 when Apple were forced to pay more that $100m for similar claims. Then again, on the other hand Google have more than likely profitted a far greater ammount from in app purchases which could have been lessened if caution alerts were placed before purchases, so I guess they were looking at it as a ticking timebomb.

In fairness Google do require passwords to be entered ahead of completing any in app purchase – although this can be turned off – which means any purchases made without consent or knowledge of parents could fall upon there own security measures. This all seem a legitamate excuse until you dig a bit deeper and find out that actually Google Play offers a 30-min window after the initial purchase where no further authetication is required, meaning letting your child purchase one item for lets say $0.99 could allow them to build up a much larger reciept for the next half an hour.

The battle for childrens in app purchasing responsibility continues.



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