Charge your smartphone in 30 seconds!

StoreDotThere is nothing worse than having somewhere to be and checking your phone only to realise you are on the dreaded last 10%, inevitably resulting in a dead phone within 15 minutes, if you’re lucky! Well soon – kind of – this will not have to be the case as a revolutionary new battery is around the corner.

A new form of battery has been unveiled at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference that can charge a smartphone in under 30 seconds, making it undoubtedly the fastest form of charging your mobile and a huge hit with attendants. The Israeli start-up StoreDot demonstrated the effectiveness and speed of the device on a Samsung S4 smartphone, which went from 0%-100% battery power in only 26 seconds.

Unfortunately the battery is currently only a prototype and is unlikely to make its way into the hands of consumers until at least late 2016. The device is currently the size of a cigarette packet and attaches to the smartphone, however founder Dr Dorn Myersdorf believes they could integrate the battery within a smartphone by next year and have it ready for consumers by 2017.

The way these batteries are more powerful is due to the fact that they boast self-assembling nano-crystals, which have multiple uses and could also be used in memory chips to write three times faster than traditional flash memory. Production of these batteries is likely to cost twice as much, therefore making them twice as expensive for consumers, in comparison to today’s market batteries. However we believe – I’m sure the same as you – that it’s a small price to pay for never having to worry about your phone running out of battery.



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