Return of the Sony Walkman

Sony WalkmanIn 1979 Sony produced the Walkman, a new product that revolutionised the way we listen to music on the move and dominated the market up until the late 1990’s. It was in 2001 when Apple launched the groundbreaking iPod that really saw the death of the Walkman, making cassette, CD and Minidisk player obsolete.

Since then Sony have produced various alterations to the Walkman trying to penetrate the market which has been almost solely dominated by Apple, however these attempts have failed, which leads us to beckon the question how will this be any different?

Generally if people want to listen to music on the move now they will turn to their smartphone that offers a variety of products integrated into one. Again making you question as to why Sony is releasing a product that only offers one sole purpose?

Sony claim the latest Walkman – the NW-ZX2 – is a high-definition audio player that offers a much higher quality sound to what we’re used to hearing via our smartphones. This is the first product to use the latest Sony technology LDAC codec. The technology will offer high-resolution audio via Bluetooth and aims to tackle the low quality use of MP3 files. However this quality comes at a price and will take up to 150MB per song so to accommodate that vast storage the new Sony Walkman comes built with 128GB of memory, with the option to add another 128GB via a microSD card.

An outstanding feature with the new Walkman is that it boasts up to 60 hours of battery life, which is one of the key downfalls that’s highlighted with smartphones.

So in conclusion you have quality sound, a mega battery life but what about the price? Sony has announced the new Walkman will go on sale in Europe this spring for a whopping £949! And that’s not all, on the companies website they recommend that it be paired with the USB headphone amplifier costing £719 and the MDR0Z7 headphones at another costly £549, taking a grand total to £2,217 for a portable music player. Wow!



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