What are we expecting to WOW us at EGX later this month?

Big name games, intriguing indie games and hopefully lots of VR
With only a couple of weeks to go until EGX, we’re starting to get excited about some of the new games that are going to be playable and some of the stuff coming out from the lesser, well know Indie developers.
The 2015 show will be the first to be held in the massive halls of the Birmingham NEC, a major move for the team and event which has been previously held in Earls Court, London.  But, looking at the exhibitor list, enhanced speaker programme and floor plan, it already looks like it was a great move.
There’s two stands we’re really looking forward to visiting. The first is the Playstation stand, it’s announced that it’ll have 28 playable games on the stand, so it’s going to be a whopper layout that’s surely going to hold the attention of us and anyone else who sets foot on it.   But of those 28 games which ones do we think will draw the crowds and what else does Playstation (Sony) have to offer us?
Firstly it’s got to be Call of Duty: Black Ops III,  every year without fail this game draws the queues. It’s one of the most anticipated games in the calendar and with two confirmed Zombie modes you’re either going to love it or hate it, but you know you’re going to buy it.
Secondly, we think Destiny: The Taken King will draw some crowds despite already being available on the market.  Because of the intense multiplayer game play the first Destiny brought us and the requirement to have friends on the same (high) experience level in order to finish some of the missions, we think many people will be interested in giving this new installment a try first. They’re going to want to see some of the mission game play and maybe ask a few questions about what’s going to be required of the gamer in order to 100% complete the game.
But what’s really NEW to the playstation stand this year and what’s the desirable demo we’re all going to want to try.  For us it’s Project Morpheus, Playstations own venture into VR. Sony will be bringing its virtual reality headset to EGX and is hoping to have the same long lines that Oculus Rift had the other year.  Sony tells us that its bringing a whole new dimension in VR, so we’re keen to experience it.
VR is going to hold a fair amount of our attention during our visit to the NEC as we’re interested in seeing what the developers are hoping will be the future of gaming in the home. In the Indie section of EGX, there’s a variety of game developers that are hoping to become the next ‘big thing’ and one of the more interesting ones is a VR game from Mindfield Games named POLLEN. Taking inspiration from the movie
2001: A Space Odyssey this VR game is set in a space station on Saturn’s sixth and largest moon, Titan. The gamer will have to explore the facitlity and unravel the story and fate of the crew that once occupied it – that exploration is in first person VR mode so you should be fully immersed in the game play and hopefully won’t be experiencing any form of outer space ‘bends’.
Will EGX take us out of this world when it comes to new games and VR futures?  Come back and read our after show overview for more thoughts.


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