Instagram now claiming more monthly users than Twitter

Instagram:TwitterIt was announced yesterday by CEO Kevin Systrom that Instagram has now surpassed Twitter in the number of monthly active users and it was claimed the growth shows they’re now bigger than their social competitor.

In July this year Twitter announced they had up to 284 million monthly active users, a number which is now inferior to Instagram who claim to have 300 million people accessing their photography social network each month.

Although the claim makes it sound as though Instagram is the superior of the two, the photography app still falls short (by 500 million) in terms of actual users signed up to the site, making it hard to determine really who comes out on top.

Nevertheless Instagram has seen dramatic growth since being taken over by Facebook back in 2012, another social network which boasts 1.35 billion monthly active users, standing way above both of it’s rivals.

In the same announcement, Instagram also mentioned the issue of “spammy” accounts and said they would be going through what you can imagine to be a cleansing process and deleting many accounts, which offer no value factors whatsoever. This will in turn result in people finding they have much fewer followers than they initially thought.

However the app has experience rapid growth, that much is unarguable and the plan for the future is to bring more content based around specific events making sure the app is constantly up to date with all current affairs – so basically following what rival Snapchat have implemented to their user feed with event stories.



Ding Ding!! It’s that time of the year again, a glorious occasion to pull together some of the UK’s top media and put them in a small room surrounded by booze, food and Fifa15. What could go wrong?

Kick starting what was our fifth tournament, it still never fails to amaze us just how popular this night is as a record +50 media including the likes of BBC, The Sun, GQ, The Guardian and Recombu, just to name a few made their way to the bar.

Since records were there to be broken, MUSTARD PR with a huge help of our sponsors – Quikkly, Fonesalesman, Turtle Beach, eva and Ultimate Fan Live – put together our biggest ever prize bundle ever for the lucky winner and runner up including x2 Drift Action Cameras, an iQi Wireless Charging Bundle, a pair of Arsenal v Southampton tickets and exclusive Quikkly business cards plus more.

The night took place on Thursday 27th November at Riley’s Sports Bar in Haymarket, again providing the perfect venue for a brilliant night. As the beer got flowing and the food was being shipped out we got underway. There were many excuses thrown out as people started to get eliminated, which never fail to entertain us as well as everyone else and the most notable upset came with the defeat to GQ’s Lee Stobbs, who’s appeared in our last two finals, as he was defeated by Sam Kiernan of Footy Writer.

Sam eventually went onto make the final where he would find himself at battle with Matt Cuttle from Attention Seekers TV, for a much-anticipated bout. After a gruelling affair, eventually Sam Kiernan prevailed with his hands victorious (to add without conceding a goal all tournament!) and taking the title for Footy Writer.

As always we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended and also another huge thank you to our sponsors who made the night possible.



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Vloggers to be careful when promoting online

VloggersIn an attempt to crack down on unlawful advertisement, from today video bloggers or “vloggers” will need to make sure their videos are clearly marked as promotional as to fall align with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

In a crackdown by the BBC it was revealed that several UK vloggers were promoting products in exchange for financial benefit. However none of these videos highlighted were labelled as an advert or that they contained promotional value.

The company held at the forefront of all of this was Mondelez UK Ltd, who had their Oreo biscuit unofficially promoted by various vloggers across the UK. The ASA have warned the company that they need to ensure future ads in this medium are clearly signalled prior to any consumer engagement.

As you can imagine this has come to the disappointment of many vloggers as they are unsure how this will affect them monetising their blogs in the future.


Yahoo acquires video advertising service BrightRoll for £402m

YahooIn a bid to stimulate further growth within the company, internet giant Yahoo has just announced it will be taking over the digital video advertising service BrightRoll for an agreed sum of £402m ($640m).

BrightRoll – which was founded in 2006 by Tod Sacerdoti – is a video advertising platform that connects buyers and sellers of digital video advertising to help them reach audiences across web, mobile, and connected TV.

The move intends to allow Yahoo to grow its video advertising platform, which will result in making it the largest in the US, according to the firm.

This acquisition has come at the right time for Yahoo who reported that the company’s third quarter revenue from ads fell by 5% compared to a year earlier. It was also noted that key competitor Google increased its own revenue over the same period by 17%.

A report from TechCrunch indicated that the move will see BrightRoll’s 400+ team join Yahoo, which will include the companies management. However the final role of CEO Tod Sacerdoti is yet to be confirmed.

This is the first major acquisition since Yahoo involvement with IPO of Alibaba and their most expensive takeover since acquiring Tumblr back in 2013 for $1 billion.

Apple launches the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

After a long anticipated wait, Apple CEO TiiPhone 6m Cook finally unveiled the latest edition of the ever-popular iPhone, with not one but two new devices’ preparing to hit the market. The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were announced last night in California and have been hailed as “the biggest advancement in the history of the iPhone”.

In terms of additional features and improved software compared to their predecessor the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t appear to be too much to shout about – however remember the old saying “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”, although I’m not sure that’s really appropriate for advancing technology. In fairness it does have some changes to the software, a slightly improved camera plays a big role and the A8 processor, but most notably Apple have heavily looked into improving the battery life, which is of constant annoyance for many current iPhone users.

The main improvements of the new models lie in its exterior design, with a vastly increased screen size – 4.7-inch for the iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch for the iPhone 6 Plus – being the most dramatic. Both phones are now of a higher resolution Retina display screen, which is supposable noticeable for both iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S previous users. The entire body of the devices has been transformed to have smooth rounded edges, which makes for a smooth all round feel even between the screen and body.

Both phones will be available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, getting rid of the 32GB that was offered with previous versions. They will differ in prices with the iPhone 6 Plus being slightly more expensive than the iPhone 6, mainly due to its superior battery and additional features in email and messenger that make the experience more like using the iPad – supposedly easier. The iPhone 6 will retail at £539 and the iPhone 6 Plus £619 for the lowest storage versions. Both handsets will go on general sale 19th September, let the queues begin!

Sony adds to its wearable range with the SmartBand Talk & SmartWatch 3

Sony have announce the latest additions to their wearable SmartWear Experience range with the SmartBand Talk and the SmartWatch 3 both being announced at IFA Berlin 2014.

SmartBand TalkThe SmartBand Talk is being hailed as a ‘lifelogger’, allowing users to take voice control and voice handling directly from their wrist and it comes equipped with a 1.4-inch e-paper display. The display for the SmartBand Talk is being considered one of its key features as it always remains on but results in low power consumption. This in turn allows the power of the smartwatch to be focused on its voice handling qualities. The SmartBand Talk is capable of forwarding calls from a smart device onto the wearable where users can take calls listening via the built in speaker and communicating with its built-in microphone that has HD Voice support.

The SmartBand Talk’s voice control feature will be able to comprehend a variety of languages including English, Japanese, French, German and Italian.SmartWatch 3

The SmartWatch 3 on the other hand seems to look much more like your typical smartwatch with its square i.6-inch face and a typical black strap, however the third generation upgrade from Samsung’s does boast a few cool features. The latest edition is based around the new Android Wear update, allowing the users to really make the most of their device. The SmartWatch 3 comes with a built-in accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and GPS sensor, plus it will have 4GB storage available.

The SmartWatch 3 has been designed and fitted with a 420mAh battery for improved battery life on its predecessor, which should last up to at least x2 days.

Both the SmartBand Talk and the SmartWatch 3 are to be released later in autumn this year.

Apple deny iCloud breach in Celebrity photo leak

iCloudApple have released a statement confirming that it’s iCloud system was not breached in light of the recent scandal that saw many celebrities nude pictures appear online.

Earlier this week many private photos were uploaded onto image-sharing websites, with one anonymous culprit claiming they were accessed via the iCloud system in a hack, which has had people questioning the security levels of Apple’s cloud-based service.

However the American technology giant have finally released a statement that rubbishes the claims its system was hacked and suggests the images were obtained via a targeted attack on the celebrity user names, passwords and security questions.

In Apple’s statement they claimed, “After more than 40 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet.”

Users of Apple’s iCloud have been advised to make sure their security details are not easily obtained, and to look into using the companies’ two-step authentication, which sends the user a random authentication code to enter to gain access to their account once they’ve entered their log in details.

Twitter to start showing tweets of people you don’t know in your timeline

TwitterFirst it was just your tweets and those of the people you followed which were visible on your Twitter account, something which made sense as you would only be interested in the opinions of people you chose to take an interest in right? However a few years down the line and like most things Twitter decided to shake things up and introduce a new ‘timeline’, which meant that popular tweets – those which your following crowd favourited or retweeted – would also appear on your timeline regardless of whether you want them there or not.

Well now it’s official that Twitter will be keeping the new system, so we can expect a lot more promotional pushes, recommended followers and popular tweets to be filling up our timelines in the hope that we will become a lot more engaged.

Many people are sceptical of the new system believing it to be heading down a road far to similar to Facebook – well if the new timeline layout and cover image at the top wasn’t a giveaway I don’t know what will be. Regardless it’s here to stay, so lets sit back and see how it unfolds.

Candy Crush in decline as King shares fall by 20%

Candy Crush1The hit app creator King released a statement on Tuesday reporting a fall in shares of up to 20% highlighting the decline in Candy Crush a major contributing factor. Considering that Candy Crush is responsible for 60% of King’s overall gross profits, any slight decline in the game will severely influence the companies overall stature.

It is reported that King Digital Entertainment is expected to make between $2.25bn – $2.35bn from in-app purchases compared to a previous estimate of $2.55bn – $2.65bn. Share prices have also decreased dramatically going from $22.50 in March when the company went public, to $18.20.

It was recorded last year that 97m people were using Candy Crush on a daily basis; this was at the height of the apps popularity, so realistically this slump would have been foreseen. King’s latest apps like Farm Heros Saga and Bubble Witch would have been released to help rectify this decline, however they’ve failed to create an impact on the same level.

King expect Candy Crush to have a long and steady tail which will hopefully see the app live long on into the future, however they risk the same fate as other manufactures if this fails.

Google Play for Android has a makeover

Over the next few days you may notice something a little unusual about the Google Play store, unusual but good. The popular Android app site is ready to join clan with other Google products, which have received the Material Design makeover.

It’s not a dramatic change but more of a tidy up with menu apps appearing brighter and with more detail pronounced on the wording to make it clearer. Cover art plays a more prominent part in the revamp and overall the appearance comes across as easier to understand. Google Play released this tweet announcing the changeover to its fan base and offering them a quick sneak peak…

Google Play



Here’s a quick look at what the new page will look like.

Google Play2 


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